Award Winning Drums Alive

1 weekly 45 minute class 
Tuition  $55.00/month

The best way to move your body is with music! This award winning and researched based program will guide students through a program of drumming, movement and creative exploration. No two classes are the same!!

*Playing and exercising is a blast with a little rhythm and tunes in this action packed class. We will be learning how to get our heart rates up with this combination of exercise, brain development exercise, crossing the midline activities, reading rhythms, and music class. Students drum on buckets and balls, have fun running music relays, and dancing to new rhythms all set to the Drums Alive Curriculum!


New students will join Level 1 and returning students will be placed in their classes. Student success is the most important and placing them in the correct class will help ensure students have a solid foundation!


Drums Alive Level 1- Beginner Level and New Students. No experience required.

Drums Alive Advanced- Students have had experience in drums alive. Students have an understanding of reading music.

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