Kindermusik Policies & Calendar

Studio School Year Calendar And Making The Most Of Your Kindermusik Experience

2017-2018 School Year Runs September 4th through May 4th.

No Classes Held:

  • Nov. 20-24 (Thanksgiving)
  • Dec. 20-Jan. 2 ( Holiday Break)
  • Mar. 26-March 30 ( Spring Break)


REGISTER FOR CLASS Classes fill up fast and due to limited class sizes and the delicacy of the younger class settings, please make sure to Register online to ensure your space in class today! You may register at any time!

ENTERING THE CLASSROOM Plan to arrive about 5-10 minutes early for class. Arriving a little before class provides time for your child to settle in to the musical environment as they prepare to enjoy exploring instruments, reading books, or listening to music. All classes begin on time; please try to be prompt. Occasionally, being late is difficult to avoid – please enter the classroom as quietly as possible.

PARTICIPATION It is not uncommon for a child to attend several classes before feeling comfortable in class.  The understanding, sensitivity and consistency of the parent or caregiver in class and at home are the key to facilitating musical learning and growth. Remember, children come in all ages, stages, and personality types. At Vibes Fine & Performing Arts, we are understanding, accepting, and supportive of all children and parents. Parents often tell us that they see a completely different child at home than they experience in class. This is normal and to be expected. Some children are naturally hesitant and others become over-stimulated in a group. You may find that your child would prefer to sit quietly with you or may want to get up and move. If your child appears distracted, excited, or cannot focus on the present activity, please don’t worry or feel pressure to push your child toward what you believe is a more acceptable form of participation. It is not necessary for your child to participate in a classical way (i.e. sitting still and listening, singing along, responding directly to questions, etc.) for him/her to make tremendous gains. Relax, enjoy, and actively PLAY with your child in class and at home! Together you’ll find the best way for the two of you to connect and participate.

Kindermusik@Home Your child will benefit enormously from the use of our fabulous and enriching Kindermusik@Home Materials. Frequent reinforcement and play at home during the week makes all the difference in a child’s level of comfort and participation in class. Our educationally sound Kindermusik@Home Materials and music downloads allow you to take the learning wherever you go.

PARENT/CHILD CONNECTION During class, the most important thing you can do for your child is to be a focused, active and patient role model. When you are an active, engaged participant in class activities your child will model your actions and focus more fully, too. Although we strive to build a warm Kindermusik community in the classroom, please keep grown-up chat to a minimum. To get the most out of class your child needs and deserves your undivided attention. If you have a child in ‘Laugh and Learn’ or ‘Young Child’ please return promptly for Sharing Time as your student will need your support during our parent/child activities. 

WHAT TO WEAR AND BRING Plan on bare feet or socks and comfortable clothes for both you and your child. Please leave shoes and coats in our designated area. Please be aware than some children are very sensitive to certain foods and therefore, we ask you not to bring food or drink into the classroom. If your child needs a drink or snack during class, please step out of the room for a moment to accommodate his/her needs.  Also, please avoid wearing heavy perfumes. For the Foundations class only, please bring a blanket for your baby to lay on during floor activities.

NON-ENROLLED SIBLINGS We are unable to accommodate un-enrolled siblings unless they are young enough to be content in an infant carrier- remember you will want to be fully available to participate with your enrolled child. (When baby starts walking-lets enroll them at a sibling discount!) Older siblings are welcome to occasionally watch class from the back of the studio or wait quietly in the lobby area but will not be able to participate in class. Special circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please contact VIBES Fine & Performing Arts with any special needs or requests.

MAKE UP POLICY As a courtesy to our Kindermusik families, we allow unlimited make-ups due to illness or travel. There are no refunds for student absences. To schedule a make-up class due to illness or travel, please message or call us. Make-up classes must be scheduled in advance (we cannot accommodate walk-ins) and must be completed while currently enrolled at VIBES Fine & Performing Arts school year or summer session. Make-ups must be within the same month the class is missed. Make-ups are not available in classes that are at capacity. Please contact us if you have a question, a special circumstance or need. We are more than happy to work with you!

CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR Our classes provide your child with a safe place for learning about and testing their social boundaries. This is a normal and natural part of their development. We do ask that you be sensitive to their safety as well as the safety and enjoyment of others in class. If your child begins to explore a behavior which poses a danger to themselves or others in class (such as running, screaming, or throwing an instrument) we ask that you first take a deep breath and then help your child positively refocus their energy. If you need to step out of the classroom for a few minutes (we’ve all been there!) for a hug and a calming breath, please do and return when your little one is ready to re-join class. Although we are happy to partner with you and help you find workable, meaningful solutions for behaviors you wish to eliminate, our staff is not responsible for disciplining your child. Please feel free to contact us anytime to request any support you may need.

TOYS, PHONES, FOOD, BOTTLES No food, drink or bottles allowed in our studio area. If you have food or a cup in your bag, please be sure it is somewhere where no other child could accidentally eat or drink it.

 Please keep toys, pacifiers, drink cups, bottles, etc. out of sight.  We ask that you kindly silence your cell phone while you are in the Kindermusik classroom. Please take calls after class as they are a distraction to others and take you away from spending one-on-one time with your child.  If you should need to talk on your cell phone, please take your child with you, and step outside.

CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Music is a help in neurological, physical, emotional, social and cognitive development. We ask that parents talk with the teacher so that we may learn more about your child, and together we can make a decision about how to proceed.

VISITORS Adult guests such as grandparents and your partner are welcome any time. If you would like to bring along a friend for a free class preview we are happy to accommodate them as long as there is room in your class. Please call VIBES Fine & Performing Arts a week in advance to schedule their preview.

Discounts & Offers:

         SIBLING SAVINGS – Receive a 10% discount for subsequent siblings when enrolling more than one child.

Enrollment & Fees:

Your on-going enrollment includes 31 classes and Kindermusik@Home materials September through May with a pause over the summer unless you are enrolled in Summer Camp.  We will assume you wish to continue your on-going school-year enrollment unless you tell us otherwise.  If you need to cancel your enrollment, kindly let us know in writing by the first of the month. If cancellation is needed after installments have been processed there will be a 10% cancelation fee included and refunds can only be processed if cancelation is done within the first 5 days of the month. School year session registration fees are non-refundable and will be credited towards your first installment. Installments will be charged to your card on the 1st of each month September through April. New students are welcome to enroll at any time with pro-rated tuition.

School Year Kindermusik Studio Classes $65 / Month

Kindermusik Summer Camps Prices Vary

Please note that the monthly price is the same regardless of the number of weeks in any given month. Monthly pricing is a monthly average for the entire school year, including all materials for home and in class.

 Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you aren’t completely happy with your VIBES experience please let me know! Thank you for choosing VIBES Fine & Performing Arts for your family!


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