About Kindermusik


These first years of your child’s life are precious. We simply want the absolute best for your child. We’d love to meet you and your child. Experience the wonder and joy of music! Come try a class or enroll anytime year-round!


  • Our Licensed Kindermusik educators hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, a Master of Arts in Music Performance, and a Bachelor of Arts with years of experience educating children in music and all areas of education
  • We offer the world’s leading music curriculum–Kindermusik
  • We are an Award Winning Maestro Top Program-Top 5% Best Kindermusik Programs Worldwide
  • Developmentally appropriate weekly classes that are engaging, fun, and just what your developing child needs for newborns to age 7
  • We offer the best 45 minutes of your week for you and your childKI_2012Campaign_08
  • Guaranteed one-on-one time with your child
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why Kindermusik

What do you do in a Kindermusik Class

Why should I bother with a Music Class at Such a Young Age

Why should I choose Kindermusik over Suzuki or other private instrumental lessons

Family Involvement is Celebrated

My child Loves Kindermusik but doesn't choose to participate when we're at class. Is this O.K.?

My child has special developmental needs. Is Kindermusik for her?

Is Kindermusik really this wonderful?


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