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VIBES 2017-2018 Homeschool Music Programs are now introducing homeschool orchestra, band, drumline, jam session/rock band, guitar and piano classes, and private lessons offered throughout the day at your convenience. Programs include recitals, special masterclasses, and exceptional experiences throughout the year! Students will enjoy learning a new instrument and developing their musical skills in our full ensemble classes.

VIBES maintains quality programs led by instructors with music education degrees focusing in their specialty areas. If your student is not sure what instrument to choose please register for the class they are most interested in to save their spot. If your child changes their mind we are happy to move them into a different class. Programs will run month to month with opportunities to participate in excelling ensembles.  

If students enroll in a multi-class program they may choose to come to both classes or one per week. All programs include sibling discounts. There must be a minimum number of students participating in each class for it to continue. Students will have opportunities to perform including fall and spring recitals, masterclasses, competing in various competitions at the state and national level, and community performances throughout our city and state. Students will need to provide their own instruments for Band and Orchestra. Drumline students will only need to purchase sticks.

You may contact Hill Music for questions about rentals and other needs at: (See Orchestra Classes for more information about the VIBES String Program Special!)

We are working hard to meet all needs for the Homeschool community. If you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions please contact us at anytime. We are flexible and happy to accommodate scheduling needs.

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