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At the core of the Kindermusik philosophy  is the idea that the home is the most important learning environment and the parent is the child’s best teacher. That’s why every Kindermusik class includes Kindermusik@Home, geared specifically to your child’s developmental level.

Here is how to get started and how to make your Kindermusik@Home materials into an app!

If you’ve never set up your account, here’s how to get your digital @home.

  1. Go to http://my.kindermusik.com/login/login.aspx
  2. Click on the button that says “New User”.
  3. Enter your information (First Name, Last Name, your email address (you must use the one in this email), and create a password.
  4. Select the three security questions and answers for your account and type in your answers (this will be used later in case you ever forget your password).
  5. Then click “Create an Account and Login” in the bottom right corner.
  6. This should take you directly to the digital materials home page.
  7. You will see a button that says “Pet Parade”, which is the unit that Studio3 has assigned to you.
  8. Click the button and begin enjoying the activities!

PC Version


Mac Version


Mobile or Tablet Version

Do you need help transferring your digital materials to your iTunes? Here is a helpful pdf to help you!


How to turn your Kindermusik@Home digital materials into an app!


Step 1.

In your browser, navigate to my.kindermusik.com and you should see something like one of the images below.


Login Screen for an iPod.


 Step 2.

Click on the arrow and select “Add to Home Screen” This will be located at the bottom on an iphone.


 Step 3.

Here, you can name the “button” whatever you’d like. Kindermusik, @Home, etc.


Step 4.

Once you’re logged in, you can get around and explore all of the different curriculum and activity options. At this point, you could also make a new “button” or “icon” for a specific curriculum or favorite activity.


Step 5.

Notice the Kindermusik@Home App icon on the main screen of your device.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!

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