Professional Jazz Improvisation Lessons

*Jazz Improv is for students who have experience playing their instruments and are ready for the next level! Our Jazz Improvisation lessons help students learn how to apply improvisation in a student driven atmosphere with professional musicians guiding the class! Instruments include: piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trombone, and drums.

Looking to start/join a jazz combo? Check out our jazz improve levels to find a class that best fits your student below.

13989491_590884891119590_2047056012_nJazz Improv I

  • Expansion of Advanced Improv techniques to include 7th chords
  • Modal playing (improvising over modal ‘vamps’)
  • Playing over a Jazz Blues


  • Completed or knowledge of concepts in Advanced Improv
  • Note recognition over entire (or most of) instrument
  • Comfortable reading and writing basic music notation

Jazz Improv II

  • Playing over ii V I progressions using both modal (linear) and chord tone (arpeggio) approach
  • Introduction to other song forms (ie 32 bar AABA, rhythm changes, Parker blues etc.)
  • Basic song analysis of tunes from the ‘standard’ repertoire (Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, etc.)


  • Completed or knowledge of concepts in Jazz Improv I
  • Familiarity with some standard repertoire and jazz players (Parker, Miles, etc.)
  • Competent sight reading ability (simple lead sheet melodies/chords)

Jazz Improv III (or Jazz Theory)

  • Advanced analysis of standard repertoire
  • Basic reharmonization and substitution
  • Introduction to modes of melodic minor (jazz minor) and harmonic minor


  • Completed or knowledge of concepts in Jazz Improv II
  • Competent reading of intermediate lead sheets and rhythms
  • Some standard repertoire playable (committed to memory or read)

13094336_506827909512649_1521670358227401924_nJazz Repertoire Class

  • Learn standard repertoire through reading, lifting (ear training)
  • Learn different versions of tunes (substitute changes, popular interpretations, etc.)
  • Analyze standard tunes’ evolution over time (ie original song, bebop interpretation, rehamonizations, with examples)
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