Professional Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass Lessons

VIBES Fine & Performing Arts strings program specializes in giving professional, high quality lessons to beginners starting their musical careers to advance musicians looking to reach their highest capacity of performance.

The Vibes mission is to help all students cultivate their highest forms in musical expression, intelligence, and confidence in a supportive, nurturing, and creative environment. Each student is unique, and therefore, we tailor our teaching to best suit his/her personality and musical goals. Instructors will choose appropriate repertoire that suits the needs of each student individually including a variety of method books and repertoire in various styles of music.

Vibes has many opportunities for students to perform in the public including our fall and spring recitals, master classes, competing in various competitions at the state and national level, and community performances in our VIBES jam groups or combos. We highly encourage all our students to perform when they are ready!

We are adamant about giving our students the very best and that’s why we bring in world class professional musicians to motivate and inspire our families and musicians! Guest artists have included: The Blue Man Group, Denver Broncos Stampede Drumline, Geoffrey Castle, Brent Daniels, and more!

Focused Goals for our students:

  • Experience their musicianship as a natural self-expression
  • Play a vast repertoire covering a broad array of musical styles and genres
  • Develop the ability to self-generate. i.e. the ability to progress independently. This includes developing a foundation of music reading, writing, composition, improvisation, arrangement, structure and theory, and more.
  • Become well-rounded musicians
  • Have a highly positive, self-affirming experience throughout the music learning process

IMG_1653Private lessons with Ms. Anna will be modeled by the Suzuki Method. The Suzuki Method deals with much more than just teaching a child how to play an instrument. It is about teaching the whole child and helping everyone find the joy that comes through music-making. The instrument serves merely as a tool to provide children with a variety of life skills that will benefit them in all walks of life! Every child can! These three words are the driving force behind what is now known as the Suzuki Method. In the early 1930’s a Japanese violinist by the name of Shinichi Suzuki observed that most all children are able to learn to speak their native language with a high degree of proficiency. Suzuki’s simple, but profound realization led him to apply the components of language acquisition to the learning of a musical instrument and the result eventually became known as the Suzuki Method. Ms. Anna will continually evaluate your students’ needs and help them develop their playing capabilities.

Looking for Orchestra Classes! We offer Homeschool and After School Orchestra Programs throughout the day for all levels.

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  • Violin, Viola, and Cello Lessons $120/ Month  -30 minute lessons once a week
  • One-time Lesson $35

Please note that the monthly price is the same regardless of the number of weeks in any given month. Monthly pricing is a monthly average for the entire school year. 

Vibes is an enrichment studio and we believe in providing a quality program to allow students to enhance their musical talents. It is crucial that our students participate in their school programs in order to be successful!


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