Studio Private Lessons

To register hover over the Studio Private Lessons tab at the top of the main menu to access the drop down menu. Then select the tab you want to register for or Scroll Down on this page to see all private lessons offered and click on the links below!

Our 2017-2018 School Year begins September 4th. VIBES Fine & Performing Arts has a variety of unique and exciting classes perfect for all ages children to adults . From the Award Winning Drums Alive, After School and Homeschool programs, to performing with professional guest artists, our classes, private lessons, experience for everyone!

To help accommodate all our families, we are offering a Flexible Schedule with a variety of options for days, times, and lengths of classes and private lessons. Looking to match classes and private lessons for your whole family? We have many options for students and siblings of all ages to do back to back or same time classes or private lessons! Email or call us to help you find the best options for your family!

All Studio Policies continue throughout the school year session. Payments are easy and hassle free with our automated monthly installments. Multi-class or sibling discounts apply.

Professional Piano Lessons


Professional Guitar Lessons


Professional Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass Lessons


Professional Vocal Lessons


Professional Saxophone and Clarinet Lessons


Professional Percussion Lessons


Professional Brass Lessons


 Join Our VIBES Family and You Will Receive

  • An Educated Director and Instructors with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, Masters in Music Performance, and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees from universities from all over the United States and Canada with years of experience educating children to adults in music and all areas of education
  • All of our instructors and educators have their degrees in music or are currently studying music
  • Exciting Events to help motivate your child’s success
  • A successful start Guaranteed
  • Fun and Positive rehearsals where students make new friends across the district
  • New experiences, team building, and Challenging rehearsals
  • Students Excel at the pace that is best for their abilities and skill level
  • Family Music Nights and Guest Artists throughout the year
  • One-on-one instruction guaranteed
  • We’ll gladly Pro-rate tuition if you join in the middle of a month for all Studio Classes- Join us any time
  • Family Discounts all school year. We offer a 10% discount for enrolled sibling. If more than one child are enrolled in private lessons we offer a 10% discount for each additional child.
  • Please note that monthly price is the same regardless of the number of weeks in any given month. Monthly price is a monthly average for the entire school year. 

*VIBES 100% Supports All Our Local Music Programs. VIBES is an enrichment studio and we believe in providing a quality program to allow students to enhance their musical talents. It is crucial that our students participate in their school programs in order to be successful!


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