VIBES Beginner Violin Classes

Ages 5-6 Fall Beginning Stage for Violin 

Our 2017-18 School-Year Session Violin Class begins Sept. 5th! One 45 minute class a week 13164339_506827316179375_2086642452165474365_nfor ages 5-6 for $100 a month!  Sign up now! For quality, classroom sizes will remain small for student success. Reserve your child’s spot today!

The Suzuki Method deals with much more than just teaching a child how to play an instrument. It is about teaching the whole child and helping everyone find the joy that comes through music-making. The instrument serves merely as a tool to provide children with a variety of life skills that will benefit them in all walks of life! Every child can! These three words are the driving force behind what is now known as the Suzuki Method. In the early 1930’s a Japanese violinist by the name of Shinichi Suzuki observed that most all children are able to learn to speak their native language with a high degree of proficiency. Suzuki’s simple, but profound realization led him to apply the components of language acquisition to the learning of a musical instrument and the result eventually became known as the Suzuki Method.

Also click the link to see our Professional Violin, Cello, and Bass Private Lesson Page for more details:

Violin Instructor Ms. Anna


Anna Fasken recently graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. Anna began playing the cello in her hometown of Palisade, Colorado at the age of 11. At UW, she enjoyed learning the other string instruments, including violin. It was during her 4 years at UW, and teaching in the UW String Project, a program that was founded to teach young string students, where she found her passion for sharing her love of music with young students. Anna completed her student teaching in the Natrona County School District in the spring of 2015. She loved the town and community so much that she has recently relocated to Casper after a semester abroad at University College Cork, in Cork, Ireland. She is excited to begin her career at VIBES and teaching young music students to play the string instruments. Anna is an active Irish Step Dancer, knitter, seamstress and a great cook!
Please note that monthly price is the same regardless of the number of weeks in any given month. Monthly price is a monthly average for the entire school year. 


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